1.      “Educational Empowerment Project” - The project has been running since 2006, the purpose of the project is preventing Bedouin students from dropping out of Taibeh schools, with the help of aid lessons in Arabic, Hebrew, English, math, enrichment workshops in inter- personal communication, enrichment workshops to boost confidence among the students and more. The number of participants in the project is growing significantly, and due to the success, parents in the Bedouin neighborhood are asking to register their children. Our tests indicate that the students have shown significant progress in Arabic, Hebrew, English and Mathematics, and testimonies from teachers in schools in Taibe indicate that students participate during classes, ask questions and  present learning problems, which points to a remarkable change among the students. In light of the success of this project, we are expanding the educational activities to Kalansawah near Taibeh and other Arab villages in Israel.

2.      “Computer and inter Center Project” - Recently, the association was able to establish a Computer and Internet center that includes 15 workstations connected to the Internet. Bedouin students can come at their leisure and use the computer and find materials on the Internet free of charge.

3.      “Technological Empowerment Project” - The project started this year in conjunction with Cisco (It should be noted that the instructor was trained at Cisco for this purpose). The purpose of the project is the technological empowerment of Bedouin students who have no familiarity with the PC. Approximately 20 participants are part of the project, they receive lessons in introduction to computers, assembly and disassembly of the computer, computer repair, computer project construction and more. Each participant in the project will receive an official certificate from Cisco that qualifies him/her to work in computer repair.

4.      “The Distribution of used Computers Project” - six months ago, the Association for education and health promotion began to collect used computers from Hi -Tech companies in Israel. We've collected about 40 computers and distributed them on to students who are studying as part of our projects, and it made parents support the educational activities of the association.

5.      “Advocacy Project” - The project is designed to help the community and raise its awareness about its rights both from the local authority and state institutions. In the past year the association helped more than 90 Bedouins in filling forms for the National Insurance Institute. it is worth notable that the project began in a non-organized voluntary initiative. Recently we were asked by the Netherlands Embassy in Israel to propose a project for support in the field of Advocacy. The action plan of the project is to fight for the right to build a kindergarten and a growing school in the Bedouin community and the cultivation of Bedouin community in Taibe.

6.      "Library Project" - the association was able to build a library relatively large compared to other libraries in the region. We managed to collect close to 1000 books from the Science and Culture ministry, and "World In Need" organization from England was able to raise approximately 800 books that we received lately.

7.      "Learning Center Project in Kalansawah" - In early February 2009 we established an after school Studies Center in Kalansawah  for students, the project is done in cooperation with the municipality and "Omar Ben Al - Kha'tab" school in Kalansawah. The Students learn Arabic, Hebrew, mathematics, English, and educational , cultural and social empowerment activities and more ...

8.      "Learning Center Project in Mkebleh in the North" - on the march the 1st 2009 we established an after school study center for the students in Mkebleh, the project is done in collaboration with the "Almrj Al-Akhdar" school. Students learn Arabic, Hebrew, mathematics, English and educational, cultural, social empowerment activities and participate in other workshops.